Sunday, January 11, 2009


It’s no secret that Broadway is in trouble. Nine shows have already closed this year—and we’re only less than three weeks into 2009! More shows will surely be shut down in upcoming weeks.

On last night’s Saturday Night Live, they even aired a fresh, funny and relevant sketch on the problems plaguing Broadway:

And, in today’s New York Post, they pose the question: “Can an American Idol belter save Broadway?” Specifically, MusikBLITZ fave Constantine Maroulis.

The Post article is about how many former American Idol contestants have made big impacts on Broadway.

Personally, I’ve seen Tamyra Gray do a fantastic job in Rent as Mimi, the super-hot Ace Young play a dashing Kenickie in Grease and the fabulous Maroulis in both The Wedding Singer and one of my favorite productions ever, the off-Broadway show Rock Of Ages. Other contestants who have graced the Broadway stage include Fantasia Barrino (The Color Purple), Taylor Hicks (Grease) and Clay Aiken (Spamalot). It seems like the New York stage is the perfect place for Idol graduates to go.

Rock Of Ages is set to move to the big Broadway stage in March and, although Maroulis has yet to be confirmed for the Great White Way production, the Post (and MusikBLITZ!) believe if he does, he can help save Broadway.

“When we met Constantine, we instantly liked him and knew he would be perfect for Rock Of Ages,” says the show’s producers Matt Weaver and Carl Levin. “He has a real rock sensibility.” So where is the news that he will make the leap to Broadway? (Or star in the musical's film version, which MusikBLITZ previously reported on.)

Maroulis is Rock Of Age’s Drew…the charming busboy with dreams of becoming a big rock star in this super show about a Hollywood club in the '80s and all the characters who walk through its doors (all set to '80s hard rock classics).  He is vital because he appeals to both young and old fans, women and men (the women want him; the men want to be him). He can be cute (in that boy-next-door way) and sexy (in that bad boy way) at the same time. And, most importantly, he's got the big, melodic vocals to proudly sing all of the production's songs.

Wonder which American Idol will be the first to win a Tony?


Anonymous said...

HE CAN DO IT! lol He's amazing in ROA. The entire show is amazing and so much fun. Can't wait to see it again on BW.

Anonymous said...

You have captured his appeal exactly! I saw ROA while on a business trip to NYC and I am looking for another work-related reason to get there again in the spring. ;) It is a fantastic, fun show! Constantine is perfect and sings his a** off.

Rebecca said...

I barely knew who Constantine was, but we caught ROA back in October and had a blast. I'm a fan now.

Anonymous said...

He is just what Broadway needs.
It's a great show and Constantine is amazing. Can't wait for April.